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Students in Khurja take charge of

keeping their vicinity and NH 91 clean.

On 29th Jan. 2017, Buddha Babu Mela, an annual fair, took place at a

small stretch at NH 91 which is close to the Skill Development Centre run by Sleepwell Foundation.

Every year the mela draws a lot of visitors and the place becomes a pile of garbage once the mela ends.

This year saw a pleasant change. Students took up the task of keeping the place clean while the mela was still on.

It was as a result of Sleepwell Foundation’s Act Clean initiative that the students felt inspired and motivated

to keep the vicinity clean and tidy. To prevent people from throwing food waste, plates, glasses, polythene;

standees to spread awareness about cleanliness and dust bins were put up in the area.

We are proud of these students and indeed happy that our Act Clean

initiative is bringing a positive change in the society.