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Acupressure and Sleep

Can't sleep? Acupressure is one method that can ensure your forty winks at night. It is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that involves pressing particular power points on the body to stimulate the flow of vital energy, which improves sleep quality.
This therapy is an incredibly valuable tool for balancing body,
mind and soul. It is safe, easy to learn and use.

According to acupressure experts, pressure on

these points strengthens adrenal glands and enables you to drift into a relaxed slumber.

        When you find it difficult to fall asleep ask yourself, “Am I unable to sleep because of the tension and anxiety caused by the day’s events?” Or “Am I unable to sleep because I feel nervous and irritable as if I have taken too much caffeine?"


        If you have said yes to the first question then use the power points located on the wrist crease (A), one in line with the smallest finger and the other located in the centre.


        If the answer to the second question is yes,

you need to regulate your adrenal glands to

prevent adrenaline surging at inappropriate

times like bedtime, making you feel edgy and nervous. Use the power points located on the

inside of the ankle between the bump and the Achilles tendon (B), and the other located on

the outside directly below the big bump (C).

Here’s how you use acupressure:


•   First, gently explore the pressure area until you find a slight depression. This is the acupressure point

      consisting of small nerves and sensitive blood



            •   Press this point firmly and steadily for about

             30 seconds, using your index finger and

           thumb, until a dull ache spreads around the



•   Keep the pressure on for another 30 to 60 seconds. On releasing, this dull ache should remain for some time.


•   Revisit the points as many times as possible. There is no need to press all the points simultaneously.


So, whenever faced with sleeplessness, put pressure where it is due, that is, on your pressure points and not on your mind.