Sleepwell Foundation Organizes
a Successful Medical Camp
at SDC Khurja
in Collaboration
with Sharda Hospital Foundation

Sleepwell Foundation, in collaboration with Sharda Hospital Foundation, organized a highly successful medical camp at SDC Khurja on 11th June 2024. The event aimed at providing essential healthcare services to the trainees and their family members.

200 individuals received comprehensive health check-ups.

A dedicated team comprising general physicians, paramedics, and volunteers generously offered free consultations and medicines, ensuring each attendee received personalized care and attention. This initiative not only addressed immediate healthcare needs but also served as a vital learning opportunity for Paramedical Students at the Centre, allowing them to gain invaluable practical experience in their field of study.

Sleepwell Foundation remains steadfast in its mission to enhance emotional wellness within communities. Looking ahead, the Foundation pledges to continue organizing similar medical camps, furthering its dedication to accessible healthcare and community engagement.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Sharda Hospital Foundation, the volunteer doctors, and the entire support staff whose concerted efforts were instrumental in making this medical camp a resounding success.

Heartfelt Appreciation for Hosting the Successful Medical Camp