Make a Splash!

Pond Restoration in Khurja by Sleepwell Foundation

The Mirpur pond in Khurja was in a dilapidated state; it was almost a dumping yard. The pond was also battling problems of invasive weeds couple of years ago. Today, the pond is brimming with water. With Restoration & Renovation by Sleepwell Foundation, it sports a new look with walkways and ramps. This 6000 sq. m. pond have been brought to life from its almost dead state since 2017.

SWF first cleaned the lake floor’s bed, strengthened the bund and built fencing and plantation around the waterbody, besides constructing a support wall on existing revetment and a walkway on the top of the bund.

The scope of the work which included De-Weeding, De-Watering, De-Silting, Construction of Ramp, Stone Pitching, constructing Collection Chambers at Inlets & Plantation; and ensuring that all non-degradable trash is removed from the water body and the surroundings is well maintained.

Now in its final stage of restoration, the water quality of the pond has significantly improved as dumping of waste, and cattle bathing, etc. has stopped.

As we all know, every pond is a habitat by itself. These are not just water-holding structures but are lifeline stabilisers. Clean water bodies are important for biodiversity, temperature regulation, prevention of water-borne diseases and much more.

Not only that, clean ponds are extremely important for our Emotional Wellness.

With creating awareness among the local people, the renovation of the pond and the surrounding area has educated people about the importance of waterbodies and encouraged them to adopt conservation practices.

The pond is now the center of a beautified landscape, a place for relaxation and a sanctuary for peace and Emotional Wellness.