Workshop on
Emotional Wellness
and Emotional First Aid
at the Jammu & Kashmir
House, New Delhi


Date - 17 May 2024

Session - Emotional Wellness and Emotional First-Aid Workshop
Trainer - Ms. Neelam Agarwal & Ms. Parul Khanna Parashar

Sleepwell Foundation in association with The Jammu and Kashmir Resident Commission, New Delhi, under its “Hello J&K” initiative organized a Workshop on Emotional Wellness and Emotional First Aid on 17th May 2024 at the Jammu & Kashmir House, New Delhi.

The workshop was intended to enhance emotional wellness among the J&K Govt. employees.

Commissioner Secretary Hospitality and Protocol, Dr. Rashmi Singh IAS, who is also the Principal Resident Commissioner chaired the sessions of the workshop.

The workshop was conducted in hybrid mode and attended by 55 officers and officials of J&K Resident Commission, New Delhi besides hundred others based in its sub offices in Chandigarh, Amritsar, Mumbai, and other J&K government employees from Hospitality & Protocol Department in Jammu and Srinagar.

Dr. Singh stressed on the importance of forging constructive connections between various segments of society especially the youth as part of the recently launched Hello J&K initiative of Resident Commission. She focused on the purpose of this workshop for helping all employees and team members in H&P Department for navigating any kind of pressure or challenges in work environment through better connect with the self and achieving a balance of mind, body and soul, This, she said, would resolve internal conflict besides equipping them better in facing the challenges of external environment. She appreciated the speakers for highlighting the crucial role of emotional first-aid and mind management in our daily lives.

Namita Gautam, Managing Trustee of Sleepwell Foundation, elaborated on the context and introduced experienced counsellors Neelam Agarwal and Parul Khanna Parashar, who conducted an enriching interactive session covering topics like emotional hurt/injury, emotional first-aid, myths around emotions, consequences of neglecting emotions, steps for emotional first-aid and tools for self care.

Pragati Chauhan from the Art of Living, talked about the importance of having a calm and stable mind. She started by mentioning how our mind tends to oscillate between the past and the future which brings stress and tension in the body. She illustrated how breath and mediation can be used to calm our mind and body. She gave an experience of pranayam and meditation in the workshop as experiential learning.

Anupma Bindra, a Chakra Healing Practitioner, spoke about how Colortherapy, aligned with the seven chakras, offers a holistic approach to emotional wellness. She explained the importance of Chakras as energy centres and how one can keep their chakras balanced using various methods including colors as each chakra corresponds to a specific color, influencing various aspects of our emotions and well-being.

The workshop was well attended by the participants who were active throughout and displayed a tremendous level of enthusiasm. They found the content and the learning beneficial and crucial for their overall development.

The participants presented very encouraging feedback that testifies to the success of the workshop. More workshops in the same line dealing with enhancing emotional wellness will be conducted in near future.