Anyone can suffer from mental or emotional health problems—and over a lifetime most of us will. This year alone, about one in five of us will suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. Yet, despite how common mental health problems are, many of us make no effort to improve our situation.We ignore the emotional messages that tell us something is wrong and try toughing it out by distracting ourselves or self-medicating with alcohol, drugs, or self-destructive behaviors. We bottle up our problems in the hope that others won’t notice. We hope that our situation will eventually improve on its own. Or we simply give up—telling ourselves this is “just the way we are.”

WE BELIEVE that there are practices we can adopt to elevate our mood, become more resilient, and enjoy life more.



proactive response for emotions

A13 episode film series in association with Sanjivini Society for Mental Health where Counsellors with years of experience and with moderator and host Richa Anirudh, Journalist & TV personality, takes the viewers along a journey in understanding mental issues, especially for the underprivileged, and for coping with difficult situations & creating Emotional Wellness in the post covid-world.

Through this videos we create awareness in increasing understanding about mental & emotional health and overcoming stigma, the major barriers to seeking help towards strengthening Emotional Wellness.



Online Relationships

The Internet has changed the way we build relationships in today’s digital age. From social media platforms to online dating apps, the virtual world offers plenty of opportunities to meet and connect with people from all over the world. Our online relationships become significant because we spend a major part of our lives on the internet, impacting our emotional wellness.

Counsellor Simi Hanspal provides invaluable guidance for navigating our online relationships while safeguarding our health. Tune in to this episode and share the insights widely. Online!


Relationships — Parents, Siblings

We're witnessing significant changes in family relationships, both between parents and children, and among siblings. Even as children mature, parents are not entirely free from their responsibilities, whether due to prolonged education, late marriages, or financial constraints. Children often feel their parents still exert control over them. Similarly, relationships among siblings can be challenging. Even when children have only one or two siblings, rifts among them are common.

Counsellor Mamta Vaish delves into these evolving familial paradigms. Watch this episode to glean newer insights on how to handle your own family better and share it far and wide.


Marital Relationships

Our society, in small towns or large cities, has transformed remarkably. Women are now more educated, financially independent, and assertive, seeking freedom of choice. Meanwhile, men often cling to traditional adaptability. Navigating a smooth marriage in modern times may not be as easy as it once was.

Counsellor Parul Khanna Parashar explores marital relationships, revealing reasons for discord and providing insights to strengthen bonds. Watch this episode and enrich not only your own relationship but also those of others around you by sharing it with them.


Pre-Marital Counselling

In the evolving family systems of India, understanding one's partner's expectations before marriage is crucial to avoid potential perils of conflicts and disappointments. Premarital counselling significantly reduces these risks by allowing couples to explore uncharted aspects of their relationship, while also learning skills and tools to enhance connection.

In this episode, Counsellor Kavita Shriram delves into the numerous benefits of premarital counselling, making it a must-watch for everyone. Share it with others to help them build thriving relationships.


Relationships at Workplace

Delve into the intricate dynamics of workplace relationships. Explore how these interactions shape our Emotional Wellness amidst the pressures of modern professional life. Join Counsellor Vickie Rai as she offers insights into navigating office work culture and fostering healthy connections.

It's a must-watch for anyone striving to thrive in today's workplace jungle. And remember, the best advice is worth sharing - so don't keep it to yourself, share it far and wide!


Myths about Counselling and Benefits of Counselling

Many hesitate to go to a counsellor due to uncertainty, myths, stereotypes, and the taboo surrounding counselling. In this illuminating episode, counsellor Neelam Agarwal dispels myths, shedding light on benefits of counselling. Her advice aids in overcoming misconceptions, encouraging help-seeking behaviour by emphasizing counselling as a safe and secure space.

Watch this episode to gain valuable insights from her expertise and also share this episode to raise awareness.


What qualities make a good counsellor?

Just as we seek out a good doctor when we're unwell, it's essential to find a skilled counsellor when we face emotional and mental challenges so that we have a connection and can trust that person.

In this enlightening episode, experienced Counsellor Radhika Chauhan guides us through the qualities that define a good counsellor. Tune in to gain valuable insights and benefit from her expertise. And, share it with everyone to spread the awareness.


Why and when should counselling be taken?

Sometimes, we're unsure when to seek help because we think we can handle things on our own. Seeking the help of a counsellor becomes important when a problem persists and starts to affect one's physical health, emotional well-being, behaviour, or work performance. Or if one realizes that they are moving towards addiction, it's a clear indication that professional support is needed.

Experienced Counsellor Parul Khanna Parashar clears the air on the 'Why' and 'When' aspects of counselling. Watch this episode and share it with all your near and dear ones.



Embark on a learning into the fundamentals of counselling in our debut episode of Season 3. Sanjivini Counsellor, Veena Aggarwal delves into the core aspects of counselling—what it is, when to seek it, and who can provide this crucial support. Gain insights into the invaluable support counselling provides for emotional Wellness.

Watch this enlightening film, and don't forget to share it with all your loved ones.




The menace of sexual abuse need not pervade our society forever. The easier we make it for victims to break their silence, the faster it will be to deal with this problem.

In this last episode of Season 2 of Baatein Dil Ki, Sanjivini Counsellor Shivani Agarwal takes us through the various forms of this offence, the mental and emotional agony of the victims, and finally what steps can be taken to eradicate this evil from society for making an emotionally safe place for healthy living.

Watch this film and please do share it with your family and friends.


Domestic Violence – How to prevent it?

Domestic violence is a systematic method to instill fear and subservience in an individual in a household.

Sanjivini Counsellor Praveen Thapar tells us the various facets and forms of domestic violence and what to do when these situations arise so that there is peace and emotional wellness in the family.

Watch this film and please do share it with your family and friends.



Raising a happy, healthy child is one of the most challenging jobs a parent can have—and it is also one of the most rewarding.

Sanjivini Counsellor Simi Hanspal tells us what good parenting is, its boundaries and gives us tips on how to raise our children to become good human beings, and also become successful in life.

Please watch this film and share it with your family and friends.



Grief is a natural response to loss. It is the emotional pain we go through when something or someone we love is taken away. Even subtle losses in life can trigger a sense of grief.

Sanjivini Counsellor, Mamta Vaish explains the grieving process and ways to help cope with the pain.

Please watch this film and share it with your family and friends.



Taking care, especially of mentally ill patients at home can be a very challenging task. Many times the caregivers themselves burn out emotionally and physically.

Sanjivini Counsellor, Parul Parashar explains how caregivers can learn to be more mindful of their own stress, and by finding a healthy middle ground between sacrifice and selfishness they can help themselves.

Please watch this film and share it with your family and friends.



Breakup in relationship is a painful experience and very often the person involved is completely shattered.

In this episode, Sanjivini Counsellor, Neelam Agarwal tells us how to pull the broken self together and recover from the agony of a breakup and move ahead in life, while becoming stronger. Emotionally.

Watch this film and don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.



What was the impact of Covid on our married lives and how relationship between spouses changed with the lockdown-imposed confinement?

In this episode, Sanjivini Counsellor Parmeet Manchanda tells us how married couples can re-examine stress points in their relationship to avoid unnecessary conflict and improve their emotional wellness.

Watch this film and don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.



How much do we value ourselves? Do we feel we are worthy of love, happiness, and respect?

In this episode of Baatein Dil Ki, experienced counsellor Parul Parashar helps us in understanding our Self-Worth and how to enhance it. Words of wisdom from the counsellor will make us better human beings and improve our emotional wellness.

Watch this film and share it with your family and friends.



Empathy is our ability to connect and understand each other. In the second episode of Baatein Dil Ki, Season 2— counsellor Niharika Dhir from Sanjivini tells us what empathy is. And, why it is essential to have an empathetic view of situations, to understand things from someone else's perspective, and to feel their emotions.

This would bring us closer to people and our emotional wellness would thrive.

Please watch this film and do share it with your friends and relatives.



When we are physically hurt, we know what to do. We go for first aid. But when we are emotionally hurt, we seldom know what to do.

In this episode, Counsellor Parmeet Manchanda tells us what should be our first step, our Emotional First Aid when we are hurt emotionally.

Words of advice from the counsellor are sure to help in improving our emotional wellness.

Please watch this film and share it with your family and friends.



It’s Important We Talk to Someone

We all meet challenges and crises in life; some can discuss them with friends and family, and find ways to manage them with their support.

But there are people who just can’t put their feelings into words and talk about their internal stuff; sweeping them under the rug.

In this episode Vickie Rai, counsellor, with years of experience explores the urgency of talking to someone, and its correlation with our mental state, with valuable suggestions in coping them up, and for betterment of Emotional Wellness.

Watch this video, and share with your friends and relatives.


How to Communicate Effectively

Problems in Communication can lead to increased stress levels. It can make people withdrawn and indifferent and may lead to misunderstandings.

In this episode — How to ensure an effective communication; our experienced counsellor, Kavita Shriram will enlighten the viewers with a thorough insight.

Because an Effective Communication is the medium to help each other. An assurance for Emotional wellness.

Watch this video and share with your friends and relatives.


Listening without being Judgmental

It’s hard to be non-judgmental while listening. We naturally & automatically make judgments about people, which distracts us from making a meaningful conversation.

In this episode, listen to Mamta Vaish, senior counsellor, speaks as she explains why and how Non-judgmental listening is crucial in helping people in distress.

Listening without judgement really allows the speaker to feel heard and valued. And that can have substantial benefits on the speaker’s emotional wellness.

Watch this video and share with your friends and relatives.


Know yourself

Knowing yourself is not about skimming the surface like finding a favourite colour or music you like. Knowing yourself is delving much deeper. It is about who you are as a human being — yes, the real you. And it is not always pleasant.

In this episode, Kalpana, senior counsellor takes the viewer along this challenging and scary journey in unravelling the deeper truth of who you are and, in the process, discovering a better you & rediscovering the emotional wellness within.

Watch this video and share with your friends and relatives.


Learning to cope with Stress

No one is immune to stress, yet very few of us know exactly what it is and still fewer how to cope with it.

In this episode — Learning how to effectively manage Stress, we have with us experienced volunteer counsellor, Ranjita Basu, who will tell us about all those things we didn’t know on stress, and about how to empower us in dealing with it which can help us to be happier, healthier, and even more productive in the workplace.

And it’s a certainty of Emotional Wellness, as well.

Watch this video and share with your friends and relatives.


How to Control Anger

Anger is perhaps the most misunderstood of human emotions. There are many misconceptions about it with Conflicting & Contradictory views on it.

In this episode — in how to Deal with Anger, Vicky Rai, counsellor gives us an insight in truly knowing this untamed emotion and a manual of Dos & Don’ts in handling it, busting many myth & mirth built around anger.

For, in understanding this emotion lies the foundation for Emotional Wellness.

Watch this video and share with your friends and relatives.


How to Nurture Relationship

When we look around ourselves, we see all sort of relationship and inherently we become an axis into it. But, we seldom try to understand what a relationship really means.

In this episode — in how to build a strong & healthy relationship, Mamta, counsellor redefines our perception of relationship and the complexities it is wrapped with, giving us a clear understanding and an approach in dealing with the demands of relationship.

And paving the way for better Emotional Wellness, as well.

Watch this video and share with your friends and relatives.


How to resolve conflict

Conflict is a normal, and even healthy, part of relationships. It arises from differences of opinion. But when it comes to dealing with conflict, many if not most of us ignore or suppress emotions.

In this episode — learning to manage conflict, Arvinder Singh, counsellor digs deep into the why’s and how’s of conflict, giving tips to handle it in a respectful and positive way.

Conflict provides an opportunity for growth, ultimately strengthening the bond between people. By learning the skills for successful conflict resolution, we can keep our personal and professional relationships strong and growing.

And it improves our Emotional Wellness.

Watch this video and share with your friends and relatives.


How to manage crisis

We all deal with loss and crisis differently. It is rarely easy or it wouldn't be called a crisis and getting through it wouldn't be called survival.

In this episode —How To Survive (And Thrive) In A Time Of Crisis, Niharika Dhir, counsellor explains us how to deal with it and to give ourselves some sense of peace of mind.

Because crises not only have the potential to jeopardize and infiltrate our work, but it also threaten our emotional stability and relationships.

Relief form crisis is all about life management, and it is possible.

And it improves our Emotional Wellness, as well.

Watch this video and share with your friends and relatives.


Could Alcoholics Finally Get A Cure?

While some people may think the only way to deal with it is with willpower, Counsellor Niharika Dhir, in this episode – how to get de- addicted from alcoholism, describes alcohol addiction as a disease and gives a glimpse of a recovery process from this disease.

Individuals who have had their lives disrupted by alcoholism – whether they are addicted to alcohol or they have a family member who is struggling with the condition – can always hope for a cure for this frustrating and often devastating addiction and may find emotional wellness at the end of the tunnel.

Watch this video, and share with your friends and relatives.


Coping with Depression

Feeling down from time to time is a normal part of life, but when emotions such as hopelessness and despair take hold and just won’t go away, you may have depression. More than just sadness in response to life’s struggles and setbacks, depression changes how you think, feel, and function in daily activities. And, depression left untreated can become a serious health condition.

In recognizing the Signs and symptoms of depression and in offering help to someone going through that state — in this episode, Counsellor Kavita Shriram, elaborates resources in how to cope with it.

That will improve the Emotional Wellness of the person, the society and the world.

Watch this video, and share with your friends and relatives.


Why Do People Commit Suicide?

It is difficult to imagine what led a friend, family member, or celebrity to commit suicide. There may have been no clear warning signs, and you may wonder what clues you might have missed.

In this episode — In raising awareness for Suicide prevention, Kalpana Bapna, Senior counsellor is going to explore what suicide is from a psychological perspective, how suicide shapes the people left behind and what you can do to be more aware of the warning signs, to prevent it from happening in the first place. And in keeping Emotional Wellness intact.

Watch this video, and share with your friends and relatives.


Why Self-Care Should be a Priority

Self-care has different meaning to different people. However, broadly, Self-care is something that when you do it, you wake up the next morning feeling better. Self-care is giving the world the best of you, and not what is left of you.

In the last episode of these series for improving our emotional wellness, Arvinder, Counsellor, clarify what self-care actually means and how by embracing self-care, we can better our lives. And our Emotional Wellness, too.

Watch this video and share with your friends and relatives.