We Believe Individual Transformation leads to Collective Change. We Work to Help the Society lift out of Social Menaces. We Bring Qualitative Change in Lives of Underprivileged Segments, especially Women and Youth by creating Awareness, Action and Advocacy

Our Initiatives:


Emotional Wellness | Help Series

Empowering the youth experiencing mental health issues with online support

COUNSELLORS from Sanjivini shares indepth information on all aspects of Emotional Wellness

Mass outreach through Facebook

Emotional Wellness | Help Series

Videocast series to provide Support to youth in Emotional distress.
In partnership with Children First

RAAHAT– FREE OF COST Therapy Videos for Youth going through emotional stress during the Pandemic

Mass outreach through Facebook

Skill Development Video Campaign

Empowering women to enhance productivity

New Video Series on Skill Development and Swachhta for women of Rural & Semi Urban Areas

Mass outreach through Facebook

Proskill— Online Workshop

Step Up!
Opportunity to Learn
During The Lockdown

6-Day Enhance Your Professional Effectiveness Workshop Online

Mastering Emotional Wellness

Everything We Feel to Make Us Feel Better


The Essence of All Emotions

Mass outreach through Facebook

Proskill— Online Workshop

200 Participants' Skill Enhanced

Closing of 6-Day Enhance Your Professional Effectiveness Workshop Online

Emotional Wellness Workshop

Empowering UNDERPRIVILEGED Students to Handle Examination Stress

133 Students in Khurja, 225 Students in Delhi now know that marks can’t set their future

9th Edition Wellness Rules Conclave

Advancing social change through Advocacy by Influencers to inspire the UNDERPRIVILEGED

The Threat on Our Community’s Wellbeing is a Threat on Each One of Us

“Wellness Rules” —
A Proactive Community Well-Being Conclave, Jaipur

Skill Development Workshop

Creating Leaders at the Helm of Education for the benefit of UNDERPRIVILEGED Students

6-Day Leadership Development Program

for Senior Officers & Principals of EDMC Education Department

Pond Restoration in Khurja by Sleepwell Foundation

Sleepwell Foundation has commissioned the 60 - Day Restoration & Renovation of a pond in village Mirpur, Khurja on 5th Feb. It is a huge pond measuring approximately 6,000 square meters.

The scope of the work includes De-Weeding, De-Watering, De-Silting, Construction of Ramp, Stone Pitching, constructing Collection Chambers at Inlets & Plantation; apart from ensuring that all non-degradable trash is removed from the water body and the surroundings remain well maintained after restoration.

Act Clean

Transforming lives at the UNDERPRIVILEGED Neighbourhood

Waste to Manure — Waste Management Project in Trilokpuri

Success Achieved and Impact Made

SDC | Col. Gautam Academy for Armed Forces

Empowering Rural Youth

Sports has the Power to Change The Rural Youth and Our Future

Col. Gautam Memorial Khel Samaroh, KHURJA

More Initiatives