Millions of Indians who form more than 90% of the country's unskilled and semi-skilled workforce have little or no formal training. To meet the challenge of helping those people and cut youth unemployment, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government launched its Skill India Mission. There a lot of people waiting to get jobs, but they are not skilled. Employers often complain about a lack of skilled workers, which means they have to invest time, money and effort in on-the-job training.

WE BELIEVE in realizing the vision of a skilled nation, that can bridges the gap between aspirations and reality, and compete with the best in the world.


Skill Training

for the Lowest
Cadres of Unskilled

Proskill to bridge India's skills shortage

Sleepwell Foundation through it's programme Industrial Skill Training for ‘Improving Personal Effectiveness’, imparts industrial-skill training to the lowest cadres of unskilled workers, empowering them to move up in life.

Profile of the participants

Plumbers, Electricians, Masons, Housekeepers, Painters, Daily Wagers, Factory Workers, Helpers

Supervisors of Labour Contractors

Female Factory Workers of Export Units

Trainings held in Delhi NCR

Madanpur Khader — 1 Session

Madangir — 1 Session

Greater Noida — 6 Sessions

Training Modules

Dignity of Work, Swachh Bharat, Team Work, Personal Grooming, Know Your Potential Entrepreneurship

Total No. of participants


Mode of Training

Power Point Presentations and lectures



Role Models :
Successful and self-made persons of the locality are invited to narrate their success story and motivate the trainees.


Trainees were able to understand the importance of Self discipline, Dignity of work, Teamwork, Concepts of 5S, Personal Grooming, Hygiene, Etiquettes and Living in a clean environment

For most of the trainees, it was a first time experience in their life. At the end of the training everyone was highly charged and motivated

They also took a pledge to adopt the learnings and improve their living conditions

at Greater Noida: 27 September 2015

at Greater Noida: 17 September 2015

at madangir: 13 September 2015

at Greater Noida: 10 September 2015

at Greater Noida: 3 September 2015

at Greater Noida: 23 August 2015