In the unorganized and organised apparel industry in India, the role of a pattern maker, colloquially called ‘Masterji’, has always been a man's work, passed from father to son in a traditional set-up. Pattern making is the most essential part to the success of ready-to-wear clothing, and therefore, a demanding profession. Women are not invited in this profession as the mindset of the family and society holds them back. The profession, is thus discriminating in nature, and a road-block in gender equality.

WE BELIEVE that participation in all profession by men and women should be by choice rather than by gender.



proactive equality through skilling

Sleepwell Foundation in collaboration with MasterG conducts courses on Garment Designing for Women in an effort to skill rural women, especially the underprivileged and the marginalised, for a dignified livelihood and economic prosperity.

Our training modules are designed to help women learn not only the art of creating garments but more so, the art of questioning traditional design and silhouettes to create something new.

Students learn design, pattern making and sewing, and the usage of latest machinery and technology like CAD etc., over the course of a rigorous one year.

The trainees are provided with Industry Visits and Exposure regularly to keep them updated and informed on the industry front.

Tools for Imagination

It’s the machine and human collaboration that produces exciting results—novel approaches and combinations that likely wouldn’t develop if either were working alone.

We invest in tools and trainers to augment learning which encourage human creativity.






Years Experienced

Meaningful Impact

At the end of the 1-year course, the trainees get a professional certificate in garment manufacturing. Post completion,
most get jobs with fashion houses & garment factories or can start their own small ventures.

Regular offline classes resumed
after Coronavirus lockdown


Impact of MasterG Fashion Designing Course at SDC Khurja

Feedback of Our Trainees

Farah Pawar
2021 BATCH

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Poonam Singh
2021 BATCH

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2021 BATCH

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Anjali Singh
2021 BATCH

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Dimple Gautam
B.A. 2nd Year
2021 BATCH

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Nagma Khan
2021 BATCH

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Ritu Vaidya
12th Pass
2021 BATCH

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Ruby Kumari
12th Pass
2021 BATCH

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Industry Visit

Trainees of MasterG Fashion designing course went for an industry visit on 11 January 2020 to MasterG Factory,
New Delhi and to The Garment Expo

MasterG Fashion Designing programme is giving a direction to the lives of these rural girls in making them self-respecting, empowered and financially independent young women. And making them emotionally well.