Implementing the 'Vocational'
Component of New Education

BPolicy 2020 in Schools & Colleges

The integration of vocational education in Indian schools faces multifaceted challenges that demand comprehensive solutions. A critical hurdle is the establishment and maintenance of well-equipped vocational training facilities, requiring substantial investments in infrastructure, equipment, and resources. This poses a significant barrier for many educational institutions, particularly those in rural areas, hindering effective vocational training implementation.

Addressing this challenge, SDC Khurja has emerged as a pioneer, providing the essential infrastructure along with meticulously designed courses and a curriculum recognized by Government Skill Development Missions. With qualified trainers, abundant resources, and a supportive ecosystem, SDC Khurja is leading the way in ensuring the successful integration of vocational education into the Indian education system.

Currently, 200 students from AKP Govt. Girls Degree College, Khurja (U.P.) are benefiting from SDC Khurja's facilities, indicating the tangible impact of this initiative. Recognizing its success, other educational institutes are now considering similar collaborations. Talks are underway with DAV PG College, Bulandshahr, with Principal Dr. Reenu Agarwal and Dr. Rajeev Sirohi visiting the campus to explore opportunities for collaboration to implement the 'Vocational' Component of New Education Policy in their institution.