Being Smart Workshops
Conducted at Delhi World
Public School, Greater Noida
548 Students SENSITIZED


Date - 7 February 2024

Session - Bullying Workshop
Trainer - Pratima Virwani and Parveen Gautam
Students - 150

Sleepwell Foundation conducted an impactful workshop, split into two sessions, on the pervasive issue of bullying, targeting class 5 students. More than 150 students actively participated, making the sessions highly engaging and informative.

The workshops commenced with an ice-breaking activity, creating a comfortable environment for students to openly discuss their encounters with bullying in their daily lives. This set the stage for an in-depth exploration of the various forms of bullying and the underlying reasons behind both perpetration and victimization. Through brainstorming and open discussions, students identified and understood the nuances of verbal, physical, social, and cyber bullying.

A crucial segment of the workshops was dedicated to explaining the potential repercussions of being a bully or being bullied, with real-life examples and personal childhood experiences shared in an interactive manner. The aim was to sensitively convey the impact of such actions on one's life.

An exciting activity named 'Director's Cut' followed, where two groups, each consisting of 10-12 students, were formed. These groups were given five minutes to prepare and present a skit aimed at raising awareness against bullying. This not only encouraged creativity but also allowed the students to actively participate in the advocacy against bullying.

Practical tips on how to deal with being bullied and steps to take if witnessing someone else being bullied were provided. A short video illustrating how a supportive friend can make a difference in stopping bullying was shown, emphasizing the importance of building a "safety net" comprising trustworthy friends, teachers, mentors, and relatives.

The sessions concluded on a positive note with a rap song video featuring a successful artist who overcame childhood bullying. Observations from the workshops revealed that several students were well-informed about the topic, with both boys and girls actively participating. Notably, four students courageously shared their personal experiences of being bullied, adding depth to the discussions.

The workshops were very successful and the teachers were very happy to see their students come up with their thoughts and insights. They are looking forward to more such workshops in future, underscoring the importance of ongoing efforts to address and prevent bullying in schools.

Date - 13 and 15 September 2023

Session - Good Touch, Bad Touch Workshop
Trainer - Pratima Virwani and Parveen Gautam
Students - 398

Sleepwell Foundation organized an awareness and learning workshops on 'Good Touch, Bad Touch' on 13th and 15th September 2023 at Delhi World Public School, Greater Noida for students of 1st & 2nd Standard. The workshops were held in two batches on each day, with 200 and 198 students participating respectively for each date. Teachers and school psychologists also attended the workshops.

The primary goal of the workshop was to sensitize children, starting from the age of 3 and above, to the concept of good and bad touch. This age group is at a stage where they begin socializing outside their homes and are exposed to various people. The workshop aimed to equip them with age-appropriate knowledge and awareness to protect them from inappropriate interactions.

The workshop began with a role-play activity where different emotions and expressions were demonstrated to engage the children. This was followed by discussions on body parts and their functions, aided by teaching materials and interactive discussions.

The students were asked about their feelings and reactions to gestures like hugs, pats, kisses, or handshakes from familiar people, such as their mother or teacher. This discussion was complemented with a PowerPoint presentation and visual aids, including the use of a doll, to help children understand the concepts more easily.

TThe workshop then focused on 'swimming costume areas,' indicating the parts of the body that no stranger should be allowed to touch. Children were taught the concept of ownership of their bodies and reinforced that they have the right to protect themselves. They learned to identify 'No Touch' areas and 'Safe Adults' who they could trust and communicate with if they ever faced an uncomfortable situation.

A skit was performed by the trainers to illustrate how to handle a bad touch, emphasizing shouting 'NO,' running away, and informing a safe adult. The school counselor was involved as the safe adult in the skit.

The workshop concluded with a discussion and the screening of a short film about a child named Komal by CHILDLINE India. The film helped educate the children about good touch and bad touch and how to protect themselves.

The children were also educated about the importance of not showing or viewing private parts to anyone, not sharing explicit content, and not undressing when asked by someone. They were made aware of the child helpline number 1098.

Coloring sheets were given as homework to reinforce the idea that their bodies belong to them, and they should stay safe and secure.

The workshop was well-received, with students, school coordinators, counselors, and the vice-principal expressing their appreciation. They have requested more such workshops for students in the future.